FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The purpose of our FAQ is to answer questions that you may have regarding our website.  Most of these questions deal with aspects of being a registered user (credit manager).  Please contact our office or your sales representative if you have unanswered questions about our website, or click here if you prefer to send an email in this regard.

1. How soon can I access all of the website features after I register?

CST WorldWide has chosen to insure the security of your information by authenticating your registration.  Once your identity has been verified by our staff, your login ID will be associated with your accounts.  You will then be able to view individual claims on line and communicate with the claim adjustor.  Should we have any questions, or you need immediate access, contact a CST WorldWide customer service representative by phone and we will review the registration immediately.

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2. I have several claims to place. What alternative methods does CST WorldWide offer for claim placement?

CST WorldWide can accept claims in a variety of electronic formats.  Perhaps the most common format is a spreadsheet.  Please insure that all of the information requested on the claim placement screen is provided when available.  We can accept files in a variety of formats.  Contact CST WorldWide to arrange a mututally acceptable method for data exchange.  We will work to make this process as easy as possible!

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3. My ID and password aren't working. What should I do?

Remember that your login ID and password are case sensitive.  Be sure to keep them confidential.

If you forget your password, you may click on "Forgot Password".  An email will be sent to your registered email address.  Click on the link provided in this email to change your password.  Your password is completely confidential and cannot be viewed by others.

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4. Why must I contact CST WorldWide to change my company name or e-mail address in my profile?

This is a security measure to see that the profile matches our internal records.  Often, personel changes are not reported to us.  Confirming these changes with you personally insures that our records are accurate and that your e-mail and correspondence continue uninterrupted.

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5. Does CST WorldWide require individual ID's and passwords, rather than one ID for an entire department?

For security purposes, individual IDs and passwords allow the possibility of deleting a single account (example: when a credit manager leaves the company) without removing the access for the entire department.

This also permits us to contact a particular person in the event that we need to discuss a specific account.

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