The Free Demand Service

Free Demand has been one of CST WorldWide services since our beginning. C. Addision Brown, one of our founders, came up with the idea to stimulate placements and it caught on through the industry benefiting clients throughout the decades.

Our Free Demand service is designed to enhance your corporate policy with regards to past due receivables. Most issues are simply slow pay which are addressed with the third party notification of Free Demand. If in fact the reason for no payment is out of sight out of mind the Free Demand service could provide that nudge to get the money in.

Your customer now knows you are serious about using a third party assistance in order to keep accounts current. Should your customer immediately respond to the notice with payment, you have obtained the desired results without cost to your firm. The earlier you utilize Free Demand the better opportunity for the service to work to your benefit. CST WorldWide brings the best of all sources to benefit your company.

Initiating the Free Demand through our website provides the source to help you make this service more effective. You may choose a PDF of the Free Demand form, print it and forward to your customer in your own envelope. In this manner you are assured the form went out and the full benefit of the service is achieved.

We also allow for personalizing your Free Demand by using your company logo. The partnership with you and CST WorldWide impacts the results in a positive fashion.

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NOTE:  Free Demand is intended for COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS ONLY.  Sending this form to a consumer/individual is an FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) violation on the part of your company and would subject your company and CST WorldWide to possible penalties.  This violation could also result in legal action against both parties.

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