Immediate Action

Free Demand is waived and collection efforts begin immediately upon receipt of the claim. This is the most common manner of placement, your standard efforts have been ignored. If you have been able to follow corporate policy prior to placing you can maximize the effect of third party by utilizing the Immediate Action placement. Rather than giving your customer additional time your source to success is our Immediate Action offering.

Too many times people get involved with hope not reality and before you know it time has passed from collect ability to defunct operations. Consider many other suppliers may also have delinquencies with the same customer. Your source to immediate action may put you ahead of the other suppliers allowing for payment now. Personal calls are also possible when needed.

As with all placements, submission of an Immediate Action account may be done through the web site, email, fax, phone or placing direct with your field representative. Multiple accounts are eassily submitted via spreadsheet files–saving you time. CST WorldWide can work with your IT department to make arrangements to securely retrieve your information and documents if necessary.

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